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Gold Dollar Exchanges offers a variety of services to our customers. We buy and sell gold, silver, platinum Jewellery, we buy and sell gold and silver bullion, we sell costume jewellry , we buy and sell watches and diamonds, we provide avenues to make your custom made engagement rings, Wedding rings and other Diamond jewellry, and we also provide  Jewellry loans through our Buy Back Agreements. However one of our more popular service is a consignment agreement. A consignmentis the act of  placing any material in the hand of another, but retaining ownership until the goods are sold. In essence you are allowing Gold Dollar Exchange to sell your precious item for you at no less than the cost you determined plus a little holding fee.  This A WIN WIN scenario.  When you compare this procedure to selling your precious item straight to GDX, where we offer you the going Market Price you get a different outcome for both parties. Lets compare Pros and Cons for both transactions.



  • You determine the price of your item
  • You retain ownership until it is sold
  • If not happy you can pull the item off the shelf at any time


  • Setting price too high
  • Time period to recieve cash
  • Goods getting damaged



  • Receive cash Immediately
  • Transfer of Good to GDX


  • Price set at Market Value which could be lower than wholesale and Retail prices
  • Items can not be bought back

As you can see depending your current situation each scenario has it benefits and  risks.  The Opportunity lies in knowing what works for you the best.

Come into our Milton Office for more details and we will gladly answer all your question

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