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Bring in your precious items, we will evaluate them and give you instant cash.

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We keep your items safe and sound and give you the option to buy them back.

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Buy Back your items anytime when you are Ready. It’s that simple.

About Gold Dollar Exchange

Gold Dollar Exchange has become the most well known and trusted name in gold and jewellery buying, selling and BUYBACK Loans in the greater Toronto area. We pride ourselves on excellent customer service and integrity with the highest level of confidentiality. Rest assured that your experience with Gold Dollar Exchange will be pleasant and profitable!

Things we Buy

We also loan cash for valuables. If you need cash but don't want to part with your valuables, this option gives you that opportunity. No Credit Checks, Flat Fee, Cash on the Spot, and buy it back when your ready.

Gold Items

Gold Jewellery, Gold Keepsakes, Broken Gold Jewellery, Bracelets, Pendents, Estate Jewellery, Earrings, Watches, Dental Gold.


Sterling Silver, Pandora, Tiffany, .925, Silver Wear, Cutlery.


Diamonds, Diamond Rings, Engagement Rings, Diamond Earrings, Loose Diamonds.

Gold Jewellery

Gold Necklaces, Gold Bracelets

Silver Bullion

Silver Maples, Silver Bars, Johnson Matthey, Scottsdale, Monarch, Silver Coins, Silver Bullion.

Gold Bullion

Gold Maples, Gold Bars, Johnson Matthey, Scottsdale, Monarch, Gold Bars, Gold Bullion.

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As soon as I walked in I was treated with respect and not mention an awesome rate for what I was there for! You will not find anywhere better in Milton or anywhere else for that matter. I would recommend them for all their services.

Melvin Massey, Toronto, On

Gold Dollar Exchange offers kind, friendly and personable service. They are trustworthy and run a business with integrity. I would not hesitate to recommend their services to anyone.

Donna Sauve, Brampton, On

I highly recommend the team at Gold Dollar Exchange! They are professional, helpful and full of knowledge!

Kyle Holt, Etobicoke

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We provide a wide range of opportunities depending on your unique needs. From Real Estate, high growth – low-risk funds to creating your very own private wealth bank using the infinite banking methodology. Ultimately creating a TAX-FREE zone.
Why do we do what we do??? Ultimately our goal is to create a legacy for your future generations, wealth protection, wealth growth, wealth preservation. Through succession planning and effective estate planning.
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