Gold Dollar Exchange

There’s a reason why Gold Dollar Exchange has become the most well known and trusted name in gold and jewellery buying in the greater Toronto area. We pride ourselves on the relationships we’ve built with people like you!

We are highly respected and trusted by the tens of thousands of people who have sold us their unwanted items. Our evaluations are very competitive compared to other buyers in the marketplace, without the hassle and pressure to sell which you might find in a retail environment.

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Wealth 360

Using innovative methods we put together the right protection to create peace of mind, ultimately ensuring a legacy for your beneficiaries.

We provide a wide range of opportunities depending on your unique needs. From Real Estate, high growth – low-risk funds to creating your very own private wealth bank using the infinite banking methodology. Ultimately creating a TAX-FREE zone.

Why do we do what we do??? Ultimately our goal is to create a legacy for your future generations, wealth protection, wealth growth, wealth preservation. Through succession planning and effective estate planning.

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245 Main St E, C2 Milton, ON L9T L9T 1P1, Canada
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