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Tips on finding out if a diamond is fake or real


Diamonds have adorned the label of a precious stone for centuries now. No wonder the pricey rock has traditionally found its way into the celebrations of most romantic occasions. The woman’s best friends have also been passed from generations in the form of heirlooms. It should come as no surprise that most people possess multiple diamond jewellery pieces, but are you absolutely sure that your cherished diamonds are actually real? Well, let’s look at a few ways you can uncover the reality from the comfort of your home.

The Heat Test

The hot and cold method unveils the strength and quality of a diamond. First, set aside a glass of cold water. Use fireproof gloves and a pair of pliers to hold the stone above a fire for nearly 40 seconds. Drop the stone into the glass of water right away.


Material that forms diamonds is bound together with incredible strength and remains unresponsive to heat. Exposure to heat and cold will leave a real diamond unaffected. Other weak compositions, such as cubic zirconia and glass will fall apart.

The Water Test

The water test examines the floating abilities of your loose sparkly rock. Simply fill a glass of water ¾ of the way and drop your diamond into it. A genuine diamond is fairly heavy and will sink. If your stone floats it’s unfortunately not real.

The Ring Test

Ladies, if your diamond is already set on a ring this test is for you. The large price tag on these precious stones warrants them to be fixated onto valuable materials, such as platinum and gold. All you have to do is examine the inside of the ring. The number of carats represents gold, regular numbers indicate gold or platinum, while PT establishes the material to be solely platinum. A C.Z engraving, however, means that the stone is cubic zirconia.

The Printed Word Test

The printed word test reveals the refractivity of the stone. Simply position the rock upside down onto a newspaper story. Eliminating any shadows and interference, examine the letters through the stone in ample light. If you are able to clearly or vaguely see the letters through the stone, it is not a real diamond.


The facets in a real diamond deflect light in varying directions making it impossible for you to read letters through it.

The Fog Test

The fog test is a quick method of examining diamonds on a ring and other pieces of jewellery. Simply breathe onto the stone until fog forms on it. Since real diamonds emit heat, the fog should disappear immediately. If it takes a while, you have your answer.

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