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Hard Facts About White Gold Vs Platinum

Gold has always been prized for its high investment value. Then why is platinum more expensive? This is because platinum is rarer and mined less than gold. Every year, only 160 tons of platinum is mined annually versus 1,500 tons of gold.

Gold or Diamond: What is the Better Investment?

Gold is more than a precious metal in several countries. It is a part of culture. Gold has appreciated 501% from 2001-2012, which means an annualized return of almost 18%. On the other hand, diamonds are a girl’s best friend.

Tips on finding out if a diamond is fake or real

  Diamonds have adorned the label of a precious stone for centuries now. No wonder the pricey rock has traditionally found its way into the celebrations of most romantic occasions.

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How to Sell Your Diamonds

Diamonds are often connected to important memories. Because of this, the choice to sell them is a personal one. Whatever your reason for selling, be it out of necessity or otherwise is one that should be made with lots of thought and consideration.

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Things to Know Before Selling Your Jewelry

Jewelry is a style-driven industry. There are styles of jewelry that are always in vogue while there are some that last only for a short period. Estate jewelry that is out of style can’t command a premium price.

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Tests to Identify Counterfeit Silver Coins

For coin collectors and investors, one big thing to keep an eye out for are counterfeit coins. In the recent years, the amount of counterfeit coins that enter the market is astonishing, and it is a very real and serious threat to the economy.

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Do You Have Fake Gold?

Fake gold is a problem that many of us jewellery lovers can easily encounter at one point or another, but it can be difficult to tell whether or not your gold is indeed fake.

Is Pawning as Bad as a Payday Lender

Are pawn shops as bad as payday lenders and other vendors of Despicable Debt? I’ve thought a lot about it, and I’ve come to the conclusion that they are not.

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Consignment vs Selling

Gold Dollar Exchanges offers a variety of services to our customers.

Tips to Buying Gold and Silver

Over the past couple of months while I was interacting with some of my customers I have notice a trend in quite of few items they brought to me for evaluation.




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