Gold Dollar Exchange is a top of the line organization that specializes in the buying and selling of gold, jewelry, and precious metals. We also offer comprehensive loan options for our clients to have the financial freedom they need, with the option to buy back their treasured jewelry, which we keep safe and secure when it is convenient for them. Specializing in loans for gold, the sale of gold and silver bullion, the purchase of gold and jewelry, Gold Dollar Exchange is the premier option for those living in the GTA who need professional and confidential exchange services, offered in a retail environment free of hassle and sales pressure.

At Gold Dollar Exchange we know how valued your jewelry and precious metals can be, which is why we offer the option of a loan for cash. Instead of selling your items outright and saying goodbye to them forever, you can entrust them to us for a cash loan. While in our care your things will be kept safe and secure, and you are free to buy them back whenever you are ready.

There is no reason to pay administration and shipping fees when purchasing silver and gold when trading with online dealers. Gold Dollar Exchange is in an accessible location from anywhere in the Greater Toronto Area and is free from additional fees that online retailers tack onto their services. We trade in gold maples, gold bullion, silver maples, and silver bullion, starting at 1 oz. – 10 oz. and larger increments.

No matter what the item, if it is precious metal and gems then we purchase it at Gold Dollar Exchange. We purchase gold and silver bullion and coins, earrings and necklaces, and broken valuables that can no longer be enjoyed but can be salvaged for gold and silver. Our staff members are happy to help you, by leading you through the evaluation process and offering top dollar for your pieces.

We buy more than gold and silver at Gold Dollar Exchange. Our talented team also evaluate diamond and gems, whether set in a beautiful piece of jewelry or on their own. We offer top dollar for diamonds and gems and want you to leave our store happy, from both the ease of the sale and the profit that you will make.

Located conveniently in Milton we are happy to serve the Greater Toronto Area in all their gold, jewelry, and precious metals sale and loan needs. Our evaluations are competitive, and we promise that after working with us you will have a pleasant experience, and will leave Gold Dollar Exchange having made a desirable profit. Gold Dollar Exchange also offers a professional mobile service. We will come to you, where you need us, which offers convenience and a heightened level of confidentiality.